Hello world! So I want to take all of you on a journey with me… A little bit about myself. I work and travel a lot. When I’m around in different Cities, States, Countries… I like to live it up and check out the latest and greatest these regions have to offer. Primarily when it comes to ladies.

Mmmmm… Ladies.

Many many years ago I use to write for a blog site doing the same. That site is no longer around but, I am! What’s my motivation for coming back? There has to have been something that happened in all of those years that made you want to step back onto the scene. You were in a relationship and she kept you locked down, right? These are some of the questions I’m sure you’re asking yourself… RIGHT NOW! Heh. My motivation was a book called “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell – Tucker Max”. I read this book for the first time and was immediately pissed off at myself. Primarily because me and my friends lead a life similar but far more entertaining than this guys. But I will give him credit where credit is due. He wrote a book about his sexual escapades and the rest of us just went through life hungover and trying to cure STD’s.

No I was not in a relationship with anyone who kept me away from blogging. I guess you can say I needed to figure myself out. Haha… I did. I’m now about to make some serious shit go down pretty soon.

So let’s get this party started shall we. Sit back… Relax… Laugh at the expense of me and my friends and the random chicks that fall into our lives.

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