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Mind Games

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m working on a project in Arizona right now. I must say, these chicks out here know how to party! You can quote me, bitches.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been working on a pretty young thing, trying to get her back to my hotel for some sexual healing. All my hard work finally paid off last night when she came over… Or so I thought. First off, all the signs were there for some late night sex tape loving.

1.) She wanted to hangout after I Midnight.

2.) She wanted to still drink even though we were so close to last call.


Maybe I went into this overconfident. Dinner was good with basic conversation and some flirting here and there, nothing too strong. The drive to and from the restaurant was good. How could I not think about us getting dirty, everything was going great. I invite her back to my room and she eagerly accepts. While in the room we share a little bit of wine while watching a really shitty movie. WE EVEN STARTED MAKING OUT!! Hmm… Then she whispers, “I don’t want to do anything”. WTF?! I smile and roll over on the bed. She then says, “did i just make things awkward?” In my mind I was thinking, no not at all. You just wasted precious sleeping time… Chick!

I then crawled under the covers and proceeded to get some rest. She leaves awkwardly and I could have cared less. Sleep was on top of my priority list.

BUT DAMN, how did that happen?!

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