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Hot Tellers

Working in Sherman Oaks is torture some times. There are beautiful women all over the place and I’m sure a good majority of them are Strippers and/or Adult Entertainers. Believe me, I’m not complaining at all.

I work at a high-rise that has my bank at the bottom street level. So I go in to daily transaction like, give my broke ass brothers and sister money. Deposit/Cash expense checks etc. Every time I go in, I’m hit with probably hands down one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to at the window. I remember when the Tom Leykis Show was on the air, Tom use to talk about how he never went after strippers, actresses or any high-profile girls. He would target the random hot chick at the grocery store or in this case, the bank. Now, before I ever heard Tom say this, I was already making this happen.

I’ve recently spent  a lot of time thinking about trying to get her phone number. But how do you do it without making it seem like you’re trying to rob the bank?! Also, what if things work out and go sour all of a sudden, will this chick be all up in my account adding addition fees to my shit?!

I use to go to a bank on La Brea in West Hollywood and ran into the same problem. The opportunity passed for me to try to talk to this girl, primarily because I moved. But here I am faced with it AGAIN at a different branch. Damn you L.A. and all of your attractive dark hair, light eyed busty bank tellers in their (assuming) early to mid twenties!!!

I don’t know what to do. Maybe one day for shits and giggles, I will try to talk to her. Maybe later on I will tell you guys about the hot chick at Starbucks across the street! Damn… Gotta love L.A.

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