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As I’m wrapping up a business trip in Kansas City, I wanted to take a moment to share with you a thought that I had from last night. While hitting up some bars, I found it pretty funny how you can be inside of  a venue and it’s humid and hot, then go outside and it’s humid and hot. This happened at about all 4 of the bars I went to last night and I’m thinking it was due to the fact that they all have outdoor patios. Naturally the huge doors to the patio are open and any chance that the A/C would hit you in the club was slim. The whole time I’m hanging out, I find it fascinating that my balls are pretty damn sweaty. At the same time I see everyone sweating all over the place.

Now in LA, I believe the majority of these places would not exist because people would be too cool to sweat in some fancy gear. But not these KC folks… Dudes and females are dripping wet all over the place. If my balls were practically dripping with sweat, I wonder how some of these vaginas were doing?

Weird, I know… But as I’m getting drunk, these random ass thoughts were literally running full speed through my mind. It wouldn’t have stopped me from trying to get some though! Unfortunately on this trip I came up short… No sex, very minimal touching and a couple of phone numbers. Lame.

I think I was trying too hard on this trip, probably because I’m only in town for 4 days instead of 4 weeks.

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