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Hoes as Housewives

“From the way she was blowin, I know she does it a lot
I have a eight-and-a-half, nine-and-three-quarters
The hoe started callin when I started boss ballin
Gimme some head, gimme some ass (uh-huh)
Gimme some cash, pass it to Daz
Pass it to Snoop, or pass it to Nate
Hoes eat dick like eggs and steak…”

What a great song. Earlier today I was surfing twitter and an interesting tweet came up that I want to share:

Those are some serious questions. I know how I would answer it…

We all make mistakes in our lives but this one is kind of serious. Especially with the direction technology is going these days. The vast majority of us are on Facebook and even with the way that their “privacy settings” are setup, even that information can be brought up by anyone and any given time with information about yourself. Now someone doing porn is completely different, but still. Just imagine you’re a free-spirited person who likes to have multiple sexual partners for the hell of it without getting paid 😉 .

You start to tell your close friends about those experiences and all is peachy. All of a sudden you get past that phase in your life and you decide to settle down. Your significant other decides to lougle (See Hot Tube Time Machine) your ass and what happens? Those stories you shared via Facebook with your friends from your past is now open to that person to review. Now let’s hope they’re a little forgiving about the chicks/dudes you use to bag back in the day.

You know what’s really cool though? Let’s say you were not in the Adult Industry but your partner was. Now let’s say you got into an argument with that person about, oh… I don’t know. Maybe you forgot to pick up groceries or something. Or maybe it was your day to pick up the kids from school but you forgot because you were playing Call of Duty 4 and you had to see the ending of the Airport level. Yea… You could always throw in her face (assuming your married to a female) that she use to take dick… to the throat… FOR MONEY! Then the conversation would be over. You’re back to killing random pedestrians at an airport in Russia and she’s off to pick up the groceries and the kids.

Done and done.

But I could do it… Especially coming from L.A. where I would say a good chunk of the “actresses” have done some kind of nude scene/photo’s or softcore porn anyway. People would get excited about it for a while then it would… blow… over. A close friend of mine was dating an active porn star and they had a healthy relationship for a while. He told me what her stage name was and everything… I might have rubbed a couple out to her at home and there might have been some random jokes about her (behind her back) and how many dicks could fit in her mouth. Eventually the jokes stopped… I still beat off to her at home and all was well.

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