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Don’t Doubt Yourself

I need to update more… I promised myself I would try to add at least one post a week. With that being said, here we go!

The last time I actually “hated” on a guy was probably about 6 1/2 years ago. I can remember the incident like it was yesterday.

The girl I was persuing was interested in a guy that didn’t have a personality but was a Model/Actor. Down on myself I figured that I couldn’t compete with that… Here I am a businessman whose committed to 60-70 hours a week of work. Then there is the Model/Actor dude who’s living the dream booking shows and photoshoots at random but making twice the money I am. Oh yea and doesn’t work nearly as many hours as me so he has more of an opportunity to take down this chick. So I naturally hated on him…

Nonetheless, I was determined to have this chick think of me before this other guy. I knew of the other guy and we would talk from time to time. We would talk about her and he told me straight up that he wanted to just hit it and be done. Haha! I wanted to be her Superman. Damn, I’m laughing now because I haven’t really thought about it in detail till now. Plus I must have looked like a fool to this chick.

Knowing that this dude just wanted to hit. I ended up telling the chick basically that. At the time she got mad at me for being a bitch and telling her the truth. Then she got mad at dude for wanting to just hit and pass it on. Hahaha! Damn… I was a clown. But I thought I was going to build something with this girl and I wanted it to be special. Well that planned back-fired and she eventually stopped talking to both of us. I left it alone and she started to talk to me again after a couple weeks of silence.

We dated for a short period of time and then grew a part. The thing with this girl was, she was so damn sexy that she would have ballers taking her across the country and even buying her things. Knowing all of that, I never thought I had a chance. I doubted myself… I think we grew apart in a way because I felt as if I could never compare to her getting picked up in Ferrari’s or take her on trips to exotic places.

I learned a valuable lesson from that situation. Since then, I’ve dated a few models and other girls that were at the same calibar or higher without thinking too much into it. I like to get lost in my head sometimes when it comes to chicks. Luckily I’ve become so mentally exhausted from working so much that I can’t and refuse to think too much into relationships or even hooking up with girls.

I perpetually go into each interaction like I don’t give a fuck… Because… I don’t.

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