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Men Shouldn’t Be Jealous

I’m kind of a fan of meeting girls that introduce me to their guy friends. 90% of the time those guys are thinking about what exactly my intentions are with their female friend. It’s funny because I’m thinking generally the same thing they were thinking when they first met the young lady.

I’m thinking about her naked… I’m thinking about what it would be like to hear her moan my name… I’m thinking about her in the shower with myself and a detachable shower head etc.

Now, this guy might be a genuine friend with pure intentions or he could be some dude who couldn’t close the deal. So he basically migrated into this world of being her guy friend. The other day I meet a very attractive young lady. We flirt a little back and forth and the whole time I’m thinking of how to get her number without her guy friend around. She probably won’t give it to me if he’s around because I’m sure she knows he is into her. Eventually he runs off to grab a drink or something. She was this sexy little creole girl from Mississippi. I’ll call her Cleo:

Me: So now that your friend is gone, let me see your phone.

Cleo: Why, what are you going to do?

Me: Well… I’m leaving soon and I need to see you again. So I’m going to put my number in your phone and I’ll leave it up to you as to when you want to hit me up.

Cleo: [Smile]

As soon as I finished putting my number in her phone and strategically call myself (HA!), Captain Goofy Nuts comes back and see’s me with her phone. I look up at him with a little smirk and hand her the phone back. He kind of gives me this look and I walk off. The night goes on and I’m debating on sending her some random goofy text. I decide not to and what do you know, she sends me a text to remind me of who she is. Yea, I had a big smile on. I wait a couple minutes and respond with some cute goofy shit that makes her smile from across the room.

The following day I call her and we chat for a bit. We made plans to go to dinner in a couple of days. The night comes and we ended up having a great dinner. Although, I was a little disappointed in her… She gave up alcohol for lint?! I’m pretty confident in my “game” and I don’t need alcohol to get laid, but it helps… A LOT. I have a sometimes stressful career, I get lazy and I don’t really want to put in work to get some. Insert a couple of shots of whatever liquor and it’s a home run from there.

We part ways and everything was simple and quite adorable if I do say so myself. Did the whole gentleman thing and walked her to a cab, opened the door for her. Kept it cool with a kiss on the cheek. Mainly because I’m determined to ravage her vagina the next time around. She’s hot and there is no rushing. But then the fucking unthinkable happens! I get a text from her a couple days later asking me to delete her number because the guy she was with the night we met was asking questions about me.

Uhh… I didn’t respond. I was actually knee-deep in work at the time and didn’t want to get side-tracked by some immature shit like a “guy friend” or whatever.

People need to step it up and let people know how they feel. I know it’s hard but earlier in my life I played that game and was that guy. I woke up and decided that it got me NOWHERE but alone at night with my dick in my hand. I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park to express your feelings for someone. But shit… Figure it out! Grab your nuts and tell a chick you want to be with her or bang her or whatever. I refuse, repeat, REFUSE to be some chicks accessory to drag around.

Now would be the perfect time to go out with her again and not care about the outcome. Therefor increasing my chances of plowing through her vaginal cavity. At that point I’m determined anything more than casual sex would irritate the shit out of me because of her friendship with the other guy and their combined immaturity.

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  1. February 25, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    ha, I loved this. I am actually one of those females with practically all guy friends. But they are more like my brothers. The only time they EVER interfere is if I’m truly about to commit a heinous act of sex that I would never forgive myself for… like something that involves Jo-Jo the dog faced boy and pulling partially digested socks from his ass.

    On a different note. This girl wasn’t for you. If she is weak enough to be controlled by her so-called “friends”, then , she is just another brainless face who can’t make her own decisions. And? She probably has feeling for this guy, but unable to admit it.

    But look at it like this.. the law of three applies to cockblocks… so this guy can look forward to 3 future cockblocks from unexpected variables. Blue balls thrice.

    • March 17, 2010 at 6:27 PM

      Uhh… She invited me over to her place last week 😉

      Shame on you for have so many guy friends by the way.

  2. March 26, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    There are some reasons why guys get jealous over their girlfriends guy friends. It a fact that some girls engage into casual sex even if their already committed with someone.

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