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Why Did You Bring Your Girl?

Taking your significant other with you to a bar or club can be a risky situation. Tonight something interesting happened… We will get into that in a few. First I’d like to explain a few things to you. Whenever you take someone you’re “with” to a bar or club, it is almost setting that person up for failure or even yourself up for failure. Let’s talk about the 4 different types of people you would potentially bring to a bar:

1.) The Friend is a bad move because of one major thing… Communication. Remember when you had that friend of the opposite sex and you guys would have the best time together. Loved the same shit, always hung out at the same spots etc. But then there was an awkward moment that had someone confess feelings that you didn’t know they had. Sometimes when you bring that “friend” to the bar and they see you jocking other people of the opposite sex. They tend to get jealous… They also tend to get irritated and once the liquor is flowing, they start to get aggressive. Now you’re caught into a position where you don’t know what to do next. Either you try to date that person and it never works or you try to keep it cool and stay friends. Either way, that shit never works out at the end… EVER! Alright, there are some random occurences but for the most part that shit is an epic fail.

2.) The Fuck Buddy is a bad move because that person or yourself don’t really understand the parameters around just fucking. Feelings always get involved. Someone always thinks it’s just NSA (That was for my Craigslist pervs out there – No Strings Attached) fucking. The other usually thinks it could potentially become more. Once someone see’s the other talking to someone else and they seem interested, in comes the jealous feelings and sometimes confusion. Usually it ends with an argument and someone going, “Yo, I thought we were just fucking!!”. Heh… None the less… It’s a bad move.

3.) The Partner is a bad move for all things obvious… Someones eyes are going to wonder and it’s going to really piss you off. Or they will hold a conversation with someone that might be a little too long for your taste. But you are to blame… Why put them in that position?

4.) The First Date, which is my personal favorite. The date always seems to be going in the right direction until someone who they’re really interested in walks by. Plus once the alcohol is in their system and they start to think too hard about NOT looking… They tend to look too hard. Haha, love it. But we all like to use the bar as a first date icebreaker. We need the alcohol to mellow us out so we’re not so nervous. I’ve actually learned different ways to deal with the nervousness. I face it and put it out for the world to see. Most chicks think it’s cute. Haha… Most but not all.

Now tonight, The First Date scenario happened to me. I was just hanging out and then I come across this super sexy chick. You could tell from the body language that this was a first date. There was no touching… They we’re alone… The guy was talking waaaaaay too much and he was drinking waaaaaay too fast. Her eyes start to wonder and we made eye contact at least 3 or 4 different times and even shared a smile. To be honest I felt bad for the guy. He was really into her and was trying to keep her interested but it just wasn’t working.

Ultimately what I’m trying to say is, don’t bring your girl/man to a bar if you haven’t established who and what you guys are. Me personally… You won’t catch me with a girl who I’m really into at a bar/club. Unless I’m ready to lose that chick. You have to be ready for it. You can’t put someone in that kind of environment and not expect them to get curious. This is primarily because of the alcohol involved and the general purpose for people to be at these spots. To meet someone to hook-up. If you deny that you’ve gone to a club/bar to meet someone to hook-up with, you’d be lying to yourself. If and I mean IF I do it, it’s going to be after I’ve laid major pipe for at least a month. Then and only then, it’s going to be to say hello to someone and we’re out!

Think about it fuckers…

  1. Nicole
    February 8, 2010 at 5:58 PM

    ha, it’s all common sense.. apparently most people don’t have this when it comes to dating.

    Personally, if I’m slamming down drinks on a first date.. it’s to keep my “date” mentally occupied while I find my escape route. If I’m interested in someone I don’t need to be trashed to talk to them… only to deal with them.

    And as far as Fuck Buddies. I live by the rule, absolutely no more than 15 minutes socializing time. Anything more than that, and their mouth better be socializing with my girlie bits. As the title Fuck Buddy states, I’m here to fuck you, not befriend you.

  2. February 9, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Where have you been all my life?

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