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Body of a goddess…

But a face from hell.

I love it when I run across a chick that has a phenomenal body but a face like, Alyson Hannigan. Because all that means to me is, this girl is more incline to give it up. Typical guys help with the theory that a good majority of the girls that are 5’s or 6’s give it up faster than those that are of a higher caliber. Now just because they have ugly faces doesn’t mean they’re going to give it up all the time. I always find it fascinating when I meet the ugly chick with high self-esteem. What does SHE have to be so happy about… Society laughs and points at every move her ugly ass makes.

But still none-the-less there’s the chicks with the perfect bodies and mutt dog faces. I’ll be honest and say I favor them over the random hot chick in a bar or club any day. It’s effortless… 9 times out of 10, I’m too lazy to put forth an effort to work with the hot chick. It’s too easy to walk up to the wounded duck and just say:

“hey… I’m not going to say anything interesting to you, I’m just going to show you attention and your going to fuck me.”

Not necessarily agreeing with that philosophy she smiles and still understands what is happening. Why would she not… Most typical guys go straight for the hot chick. I use these ducks as a confidence booster. After pounding out a nice body with the sheets over the bottom of her face, she looks like the hot chick at the bar with less effort.

Once I’ve massacred the ducks vagina for a week or so. For some reason I’m now more interested in talking to the hot chick. This works out best because if she disses me, I can always call the duck over and not think twice about it. If she’s interested then I’m going to show her how I get down. Another reason I go after the ducks is because by the time I hit on the hot chick, I’m not too motivated to try to win her over. There is less ‘game’ involved… or is it?

Long story short guys… If you always fail with the hot chick, go bang out some random mediocre chicks then try the hot chick again. I’m willing to almost guarantee she will be interested in you. Oh yea… Remember that it’s not that important to bang her out because you’re banging the duck.

As you can tell, I’m not a guy that is about quality… Or… Am I?

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