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Losing It

Work is a little stressful right now. I find myself losing focus of trying to do the right thing to get girls in my bed. It’s crazy, I know.

As I’m in a new city now for work, I find myself meeting a girl within the first couple of days. We exchange numbers and we make a plan to hangout. The night seemed to be going well and even at one point I made a move and we started to make-out. I’m thinking to myself that this is in the bag, before you know it… She’s going to be in my bed bobbing some knob.

The night moves on and we go to a couple more bars. Before you know it, we’re both pretty buzzed. On our way back to my hotel I invite her to my room and she declines. I know that she has work in the morning… or so she says. The thing with me is, I’m not too persistent when it comes to convincing a young lady to come to my place. It’s either you do or you don’t. If she’s not coming in, another girl will at some point down the road.

Now we fast forward to last night (which is 4 days after the date above) and I’m on a different date with a new chick. This one I’ve actually had a few days of small talking and “planting the seed”. We go out and get some drinks… No making-out happened but there was a lot of smiles and even some touching. Yet again I’m like, BAM! She’s coming over… Yea, not so much.

We’re on the way back to my hotel and I invite her up. She declines… DAMMIT! As per usual, I don’t try too hard to convince her to chill with me. I leave it alone, get out the car and I’m on my way.

Now I don’t push for them to try to come in for 2 reasons:

1.) The majority of guys out there will try really hard for them to come inside. Showing that they’re desperate and that naturally is a turn off. No one wants to seem desperate and at the end of the day, if these girls are not worth me spending my time on and getting to know too well… why try so hard? I’m in and I’m out… Literally.

2.) If a girl says no… she means no. I’m sure at some point throughout the date, she’s probably thought about what she was going to say if I asked her back to my room. If she wanted to say yes, she would have said so. You never want to get into an argument about her coming over. I just leave it as is. The majority of the time it’s worked out in my favor to not press on having them come over and they’ve contacted me later on down the road, asking to come over. Now that’s a win.

But, I’ll be honest… I thought that I had both girls in the bag. I was wrong and I felt like I was losing it. Believe me, I won’t spend too much time worrying about it. I need to spend more time finding different chicks. Play the odds kids, play the odds. I usually bag about 1 out of 3 new girls I meet a month. Then I pretty much user their mouths or vagina’s for a month and move on. Yea, it sounds bad but… You know you’re thinking it too when you’re with someone who you don’t want to be with long-term but you want to just have fun with.

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